Those Amazing Dogs
Those Amazing Dogs



Ebook Short Description

In their fourth installment, Those Amazing Dogs (Max, Molly and Oddie) find themselves lost inside a Mexican pyramid where they discover very surprising connections between two lost civilizations. Assisted by a local Chihuahua, the dogs help Felix and Erica uncover a new mystery on their quest to follow the ancient Viking map. Perfect for the inquisitive independent reader 7 to 12 year old. 


Extended Description

Those Amazing Dogs are globe-trotting adventurers who live with world famous archaeologist Felix Strong and his wife, Erica. As Felix and Erica pursue new evidence of ancient civilizations, they find themselves in unexpected adventures in some of the wildest places on Earth. The dogs, Max, Molly and Oddie are always ready to save the day when things become dangerous.

Max, the oldest, is a Lhasa Apso; he is a seasoned adventurer in a small package. Tinier still is Molly, a Yorkshire Terrier. Her youthful enthusiasm sometimes makes Max impatient, but her attitude and energy is often what keeps the team together. The largest of the group is the Pit Bull, Oddie. Though his sweet and simple nature often hides his strength, Oddie is always ready to use brute force to protect his friends or help those in need.

Designed for young independent readers (7 to 12 years old), these chapter books form an engrossing story for all ages that enjoy a good adventure. They also provide material for discussion and bits of real history mixed in with the fantastic journey of the dogs and their humans. These books also respect a child's inquisitive nature and encourage their readers to learn new words and concepts.

In the fourth book, "At the Pirate Bay," the dogs learn about a possible meeting of cultures over 1000 years ago. When they become separated from their humans — and each other — they must team up with a renegade Chihuahua in order to escape from a booby-trapped Mexican pyramid. There are connections that they find between all their adventures, showing them that the world has always been a much more connected place than they realized.

From the Canadian Arctic to the tropical heat of southern Mexico, the Strongs and their faithful dogs face one challenge after another. With high adventure and a little bit of peril, Those Amazing Dogs take their young readers along on the trail of discovery.


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Those Amazing Dogs
Those Amazing Dogs
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